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Select Employer Program - Discounts on rent, secured housing - Petoskey MI

We understand firsthand how hard it is to find good housing in our local area and this is why the team as Alexander Petoskey has been working night and day Since early 2022 to bring these much-needed apartments to the local community and business.

We have met with so many great local employers who have all told us the same thing, they need housing! Their employers and staff need housing! To grow their businesses and retain and attract top talent they need housing! We know that many employees travel from all around the area because of the lack of housing, the average drive for most is 45 minutes some 1-2 hours!

We want to continue to play a role in helping these businesses and employees meet their housing needs, and for that, we are building out our "Select Employer Program"

Guaranteed Units on hand for employers! As a business owner, you can reserve up to 10 units at the Alexander Petoskey knowing that you have the necessary housing to grow your business! We are also offering up to 10 short-term rental units fully furnished for those who need stays from 30 days to 6 months at a time.

Discounted rent for employees: For employees of these businesses, you get a discount on your rent if your employer is participating anywhere from 5-10%! If your employer is not participating simply have them reach out to us to join the program!

To join the program or reserve a unit as an employer or employee simply email

*Terms of the program are subject to change from time to time

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